Hi, I’m Nate


I like to consider myself a jack of most trades. In addition to photographer, I'm also a welder and run a small metal fabrication business. I love all things with two wheels; I've been riding BMX most of my life, found a new love of mountain bikes about a year ago and I can build a chopper from the ground up. I just started teaching myself how to play guitar again, for probably the 5th time, but I can jam a ukulele. My girlfriend and I have a corgi named Reece who is a beefy boy that loves to be the center of attention.

My first memory with a camera, I was maybe 14 and my Dad let me wander around my Great Uncles farm with his camera and a tripod. I didn’t have any idea what I was doing but I remember loving it.


I like to shoot in a way that captures the world around me as it’s happening; less posing and more authentic moments. I’m incredibly nostalgic and love looking back at old photos and reliving those memories. If you’d like me to capture some of those memories for you, lets talk.



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